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Licenses and Certificates

ELMET, LLC has the licenses and certificates required to carry out its work:

  1. License for construction No. 516575
    Issue date: 07 May 2010  Valid until 07 May 2015
  2. License for high-risk work No. 899.11.30-74.30.0
    Issue date: 11 March 2011 Valid until 11 March 2016
  3. Certificate of assessment of electrochemical protection laboratory No.100-3744/2010
    Issue date: 30 August 2010  Valid until 30 August 2015
  4. License for prolongation of operating the high-risk object No. 456.10.63-31.32.1
    Issue date: 27 August 2010  Valid until 27 August 2015

Glossary of Terms

Сопротивление заземления

сопротивление заземленного электрода (электродов), включающее в себя сопротивление растеканию токов в земле и контактное сопротивление на границе раздела электрод-грунт.