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By expert estimate the metal eaten away by rust during the year amounts to a quarter of the world annual output. On a national scale it can meant that such Ukrainian giant plants as “Azov Steel” and Ilyich Iron and Steel Works of Mariupol work only in order to compensate for the loss resulted from corrosion». The statistics tells the story that every third accident at underground oil and gas infrastructures is caused by electrochemical corrosion, protection against which is a chief aim of our company.

Besides obvious loss as direct economic damage including loss of metal, replacement and unavailability of equipment corrosion processes pose a threat of environment pollution. Recognizing the importance of environmental protection the company gives it equal priority with all other aspects of its activity.

Areas of competence:

  1. Production of electrochemical protection means: cathodic protection stations, polarized drains, protectors, ground ferrosilid electrode.
  2. Construction, precommissioning and maintenance of electrochemical protection systems.
  3. Construction of gas pipelines, including polyethylene pipes.
  4. Gas fitting. Upkeep of gas-supply systems.
  5. Installation of conditioning systems, distributed and indirect heating systems.
  6. Engeneering of electrochemical protection equipment, gas and heating systems.
  7. Diagnostics of corrosive wear. Technical diagnostics of underground steel gas and oil pipelines, and other metallic infrastructures.

ELMET, LLC provides the entire spectrum of service
from designing to installation and maintenance on a turnkey basis.


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Контактное соединение

соединение двух или более проводников.