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Pipeline construction

Pipeline construction is the process consisting of the following stages:

  1. Assessing the project
  2. Designing a gas-supply system
  3. Supplying with materials and equipment
  4. Installation, turnkey construction
  5. Maintenance

Project assessment is a preliminary process that evaluates engineering feasibility of connecting a gas-supply system with the existing network. The document that determines a gas point and the main gas-supply system requirements is known as technical specifications issued by the specialized gas-supply and service facility.

Gas-supply system design is effective engineering solutions for all aspects of pipeline construction and service.
Installation: ELMET, LLC has the license for the installation work (No. АВ516575) issued by the State Architectural and Construction Inspection of Ukraine.  Our company also performs the testing and prepares the documentation for submitting to the relevant commission. After commissioning the system is cut in the pipeline. Employees of the specialized gas-supply and service facility start up gas.

A gas-supply system is operated an agency which posses the proper license and maintenance supplies. The specialized gas-supply and service facilities commonly operate gas-supply infrastructures, so ELMET, LLC enters into construction and commissioning contracts with the respective facilities.





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Glossary of Terms

Конец участка нефтепровода

удаленная точка контролируемого участка нефтепровода относительно точки дренажа поляризующего тока.