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Electrochemical protection products

One of our priorities is manufacturing products to prevent corrosion on a wide range of underground metallic structures. Long-term experience allows of developing new effective anti-corrosion solutions and products to protect gas and oil pipelines and other infrastructures.

In 2011 our engineers designed a new type of the cathode station of pulse voltage converter.

Cathodic protection station is designed for the pulse converter of autocontrol (PCAC) - ТУУ 31.1 – 37575699 – 001: 2011 – is produced with the power of 1000 Wt, 1500 Wt and 3000 Wt. The converter is intended for electrochemical protection from underground corrosion of metallic structures. It serves to collect and process the information, and transfer it through the two-wire interface RS-485 (in the telemechanics system) under connection by GSM modem or wire channel. It can work in the modes of telemetry, telesignalization, telecontrol and teleregulation. It can monitor corrosion processes at the one point – a drain point (not less 32). It can keep the predetermined protective current value at the underground structure as well as the set protective potential value at the drain points; potential balancing at the drain points to protect several structures at the same time and where several converters are used simultaneously.

Electrochemical protection equipment for metallic structures and utility facilities:

  1. Cathodic protection stations – unified modernized thyristor converters of natural cooling (UTCN-M) – based on the bridge circuit and of the power  ranging from 0,6 кWt to 5,0 kWt
  2. Cathodic protection stations of automatic remote control (UTCN-MC) of the power ranging from 0,6 кWt to 5,0 kWt
  3. Cathodic protection stations of automatic remote control (UTCN-MT) of the power ranging from 0,6 кWt to 5,0 kWt. Telemetry  and telemechanics connection is possible
  4. Cathodic protection stations of automatic remote control –  pulse converter of automatic control  (PCAC). The power is chosen from standard values of 0,75; 1; 1,5 and 3 кWt. Telemetry connection is possible
  5. Polarized drains forced (PDF), the power ranges from 3,0 кWt to 5,0 kWt
  6. Polarized drains (PD) with the rated current from 200 А to 1000 А
  7. Corrosion protection units (CPU) with the rated current from 10А to 50 А
  8. Protectors (magnesium, aluminium or zinc alloys)
  9. Ferrosilid anode grounding rods (FSR)
  10. Non-polarizable copper sulphate reference electrode (ENES-1)

The advantages of our products are:

  • Reliability and safety
  • Effectiveness
  • Usability
  • Warranty and post-warranty service

Contact us if you want to order our products. To order the cathodic convertes, please, fill an order.


Glossary of Terms

Катодная станция

источник постоянного тока или устройство, преобразующее переменный ток в постоянный и предназначенный для защиты трубопровода от коррозии.