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Projecting is integral part of engineering and a precondition of competent approach to construction generally and to design particularly as well as a guarantee of quality and success.

The ELMET designining devision renders projecting services of gas and heat supply systems, and anti-corrosion protection of underground metallic structures. Being constantly in touch with our clients at all development stages ELMET meets client’s needs and takes individual approach to every project.




Our specialist are ready to design:

1. Gas boiler structures

  • heat-mechanics
  • energy supply
  • telemechanics
  • breech
  • ventilation

2. Gas pipeline of different categories, namely G1, G2 and G3.

3. Electrochemical protection of underground structures:

  • pipelines
  • containers
  • cable lines

It is important that pipelines are developed exclusively by experts who know this complex task in all its minutest details, and who are able to make exact calculation for construction.
You are welcome to ask us about our projecting, products, prices and how to make an order. Please, contact us.


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Glossary of Terms

Точка дренажа

место отвода тока из трубопровода при электрохимической защите.