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Launching a construction of dwelling houses or industrial projects any reasonable person is faced with supplying heat. There are so many various heating systems and business offers that one's head is in a whirl. Nowadays a wide range of the systems are employed which can be classified by different criteria. The first group hinge on a type of heat carrier, e.g.  water heating, air heating, etc.. Energy sources presuppose classifying gas-fired, electric, geothermal, solid fuel and liquid fuel heating systems, at alii.




Our staff can provide expert advice and a full range of services. Experienced specialists install a heating system. Owing to the fact that our company follows the requirements and standards, and the guidelines of heating equipment manufacturers, it guarantees fully that our customers will enjoy warm and comfort for many years.

ELMET, LLC perform turnkey installation of DARK GAS INFRARED HEATERS ADRIAN-RAD.


The system supplies economic local and full-area heating in large volume premises even with irregular working schedules due to electronic control. It satisfies the requirements of ISO 9001.

Our professionals are qualified as installers of the equipment of ADRIAN®.





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